Shelton School District Bond Construction Updates

Voters approved a $64.7M Bond Measure on February 14, 2017.  This page will be used to keep the community updated on the planning and progress of the Bond Projects and Grade Reconfiguration.

The work is broken into three projects.  Package A, B, and C.  Package A includes for work at Shelton High School and Oakland Bay Jr. High School.  Package B is for work at Mountain View Elementary and Olympic Middle School.  Package C is for work at Bordeaux Elementary, Evergreen Elementary, CHOICE High School and Misc. District buildings.

Stay tuned here for regular updates and announcements for community meetings.  

Community Forum Events

February 22, 2018 - 6 -7 pm, Olympic Middle School

**Lead Architect will be present to answer community questions about each project**

March 15, 2018 - 6 -7 pm, Oakland Bay Jr High

April 19, 20218 - 6 -7 pm, Olympic Middle School

May 17, 2018 - 6 -7 pm, Olympic Middle School

Community Forum with the Architecture Team February 22 Olympic Middle School 6 - 7 pm

The January 2018 School Board Update presented on January 12 primarily included a continuation of the December update.  The architect Teams are working hard to prepare documents for the bidding process.  The Developmental Design Plans and cost estimate have been submitted for review and comment.  We are working with the City of Shelton on a traffic impact study for Shelton High School.  Additional survey work is planned for the Shelton High School and Mt View sites in the areas of the Auxiliary Gym at Shelton High School and the stormwater retention area at Mt View.

The remaining work in Package C will be ready for bid in February 2018.  This work is planned to be completed by the end of 2018.

January 2018 Bond Update

January 2018 Budget Update
MVES PERSPECTIVE.png2017-13 MVES Clean 2nd Floor.png

December 2017 Update

Package A timeline.PNG

We are coming to the end of our Design Development phase in the construction planning for the Shelton School District Bond Projects.  Architects have been meeting almost weekly with District Administration to finalize the design of the 48,500 square foot addition to Shelton High School and the 53,000 square foot construction of Mt View Elementary.   


Package A - Shelton High School, 48,500 sqft addition and remodel of the Student services building.  

Estimated Cost: $33,395,341

Architect teams met with Department Heads at Shelton High School to review schematic designs and provide input which resulted in some minor floor plan modifications.  The design for Shelton High School is now set and documents are being prepared for review by a cost estimator.  Once the documents have been estimated they will be presented to the School District for comparison with the current budget.  

A meeting with the City of Shelton took place on November 15th to discuss the pre-submission application for Package A submitted on November 1st.  Remarks were received from Public Works Department (Engineering), Community & Economic Development Department (Building, Planning), and the Fire Department. The comments received to address the requirements necessary for a comprehensive review (of the permit set of construction drawings) and upcoming approval of the building permit.

A traffic impact analysis will be required for this project. Gregg Heath, who is currently working with the City on the Mason County Hospital Expansion, has been selected to perform the study

The survey process for the Auxiliary Gym will continue while surveyors locate utilities on site.  The next steps for this project include the preparation of documents for bid.  It is anticipated that the Package A will be ready for bid no later than April 2018.




Package B - Mt View Elementary, 53,000 sq ft New Construction, 

Estimated Cost: $26,755,428

November 21st a meeting with building staff took place to determine general design layouts for classrooms and other teaching spaces.  Department representatives were able to review design schematics and provide feedback which resulted in some minor floor plan modifications for the new building.  

A meeting took place with the City of Shelton on November 15th to discuss the pre-submission application for Mt View Elementary.  Remarks were received from Public Works Department (Engineering), Community & Economic Development Department (Building, Planning), and the Fire Department. The comments received to address the requirements necessary for a comprehensive review (of the permit set of construction drawings) and upcoming approval of the building permit.

Additional survey work will be conducted for the storm retention pond and surrounding area.  

It is anticipated that Package B will be ready to be bid by Mid April 2018, with construction anticipated to begin in June of 2018.


Package C - District Projects - Estimated Cost:  $5,203,046

Happening Now

Bordeaux replace boilers- Happening during Winter Break

Technology upgrades in all  buildings- Happening now and will be ongoing through the Fall of 2019

Oakland Bay Jr High and CHOICE HS Cooling towers- will occur during Spring Break


To Be Completed by September 2018

New Portables at Evergreen

Creation of secure building entrances

CHOICE High School new roof

Transportation Parking to be repaved

Maintenance complex will have a building removed and install a gravel parking lot


Beginning Design Phase Spring 2018

Replace Track at Shelton High School​

December 2017 Bond Update

December 2017 Budget Update

MTV bond planning.jpg

November 2017 Bond Update

November 2017 Budget Update


Community Forum Update October 19, 2017

The Architecture Team presented the current status of the  Bond Construction to the Shelton Community on Thursday, October 19, 2017. 

Shelton SD Community Update Presentation 

SHS design image.PNG

October 2017 Community Update

October 10, 2017, Jeff Freeney with KMB Architects delivered an update to the Shelton School Board of Directors.  Mr. Freeney updated the school board on the progress of each package within our bond project.  The report can be found at the end of this update.  

Package A - Shelton High School

To date, the Schematic Design,  Value Engineering (VE), and the State Sustainable Schools Protocol process have been completed.  Design images will be available at the coming Community Forum meeting on October 19th at Olympic Middle School.  A team of 5-6 people participated in the Value Engineering process, including an outside architect, engineer, contractor, electrical and mechanical persons.  These outside observers provide valuable insight providing a fresh perspective.  The VE team was able to provide recommendations for changes that are anticipated to reduce costs for our project.  

The SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) process has begun with the publication of a comment period open from November 13th - November 27th.  The SEPA process examines environmental impacts surrounding the project, including the following areas:
  • Animals
  • Earth
  • Energy
  • Environmental health
  • Land use
  • Plants
  • Public services
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Water 
The next steps will include applying for a supplemental use permit for the Port of Shelton and completing a pre-application/presubmission permit review with the City of Shelton.  It is anticipated that the Value Engineering will come before the board for review and approval at the first board meeting in November. 

Package B - Mt View

Similar to Package A, the Mt View Project has completed the Schematic Design,  Value Engineering (VE), and the State Sustainable Schools Protocol process.  The Education Specifications called for a 51,000 sq. ft. building.  At this point in the design process, the design is for a building of 57,000 sq. ft. this will require a close look at how space is utilized so that we can identify where reductions in square footage can be made.  

The comment period for SEPA will be November 22nd - December 8th.  As with Package A, the Value Engineering is anticipated to come before the school board for approval at the first board meeting in November.  

Package C - Miscellaneous Projects

Bids have come in for the replacement of the Boilers at Bordeaux and the cooling towers located at CHOICE High School and Oakland Bay Jr High.  The bidding company, if approved at the end of the school board meeting, will complete the work on the boilers over winter break when students are not in school.  The work on the cooling towers will happen later in the winter.  The estimate for this work was $280,000, the lowest of five bids was returned at $299,000.  This amount is slightly over budget, however, it was anticipated and reasonable for the current bidding climate in the region.  

The community is invited to attend the next Community Forum on October 19th where we will hear from all our project architects.  This meeting will be held at Olympic Middle School at 6 pm.

October 2017 School Board Update 

KMB Architects.PNGMSGSlogoORANGE.jpgEMA_logo_blue.jpg NAC.PNG

September 2017 Community Update

Package A - Shelton High School

We are moving forward with the construction planning.  The project at Shelton High School is moving forward into the Schematic Design phase.  This phase includes elevations and sections of the new building addition.  The Schematic Design drawings were presented to the Shelton High School Staff at their annual retreat on August 31, 2017.  In the coming weeks, NAC Architects will send the drawings to the cost estimator to obtain preliminary construction costs.  Additional studies are yet to be completed including studies of exterior wall accent colors, building elements and materials that will be incorporated into the design.  

The discussion for the Shelton High School team has progressed to considerations for a staging area for the construction crew who will need easy access to materials once construction begins.  Additionally, a meeting was held on August 23, 2017, with the City of Shelton and the Post of Shelton regarding a Public Hearing examining a height variance request, assuring the proper paperwork is filed before construction is to take place at Shelton High School.

Package B - Mt View Elementary

The project at Mt View is also progressing.  Recent considerations involved the site plan.  At a staff update meeting held August 30, 2017.  Currently, considerations are being made to create a bus loop separate from the parent pick area.  Feasibility is being determined to see if the bus loop at Olympic Middle School and MtView can be connected creating a single drop off/pick up zone for both schools.  The bus loop should also be beneficial to both District Maintenance and the Fire Department.  

The Leadership Team has begun discussing possible ways of preparing the students and promoting collaboration with the youngsters during the construction phase. The Contractor’s fencing and staging area can serve as discussion opportunities.  For example, plywood partitions can serve as creative canvases for children to draw on them what they envision is developing beyond the walls. 

The Annex Building at Mt View is being designed to create a "one unit" feel between the building and portables to be connected with a covered walkway.  

Both the Shelton High School and Mt View Projects are required to adhere to the Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP) and a workshop was scheduled for September 8, 2017.  Required by OSPI, the WSSP scorecard must be completed to demonstrate that the new Mt. View Elementary School and Shelton High School will be designed and built to high-performance green building standards. 

Package C - Other Projects

The bid package for the replacement of the two boilers at Bordeaux Elementary and the cooling tower units at CHOICE High School and Oakland Bay Junior High is scheduled to be advertised on September 15th with a bid opening date of October 4th. The work to be completed over the winter break to assure that there are no disruptions in the heat output. The first phase of the work, which includes the boiler replacements at Bordeaux, has to be completed by January 2, 2018.  Replacement of the cooling towers to follow.

The Principals of CHOICE and Evergreen met with MSGS to discuss the plans for the portables on site. The proposed layout of the portables and playground was accepted.

There may be a cost increase related to the parking lot addition at the Maintenance Facility due to Department of Ecology stormwater regulations. The portion of the parcel that is slated to be turned into a parking lot will be impervious and rainwater considered polluted, which will need to be treated before entering any water treatment system. A stormwater detention vault, which is considered for this site, will help manage the excess stormwater runoff. However, it will not provide treatment to improve the water quality. MSGS is looking into the most cost-effective method for complying with this regulation. 

Package A - B - C

The District hired KPFF, Inc., out of Lacey, Washington, to complete the topographic surveying which was partially accomplished by the previous consultant. KPFF demonstrated it has the needed manpower to expedite the surveying and produce the drawings required for the architects to advance their designs. To date, KPFF has completed field surveys and delivered drawings of the field conditions at the sites of Shelton High School, Mt. View Elementary School, Bordeaux Elementary School and Mason County Transportation Center. CHOICE High School and Evergreen Elementary School are in drafting; drawings will be delivered in the coming days. The only fieldwork remaining is the Maintenance Facility. 

Budget Update September 2017

September 2017 School Board Update

Community Update Presentation Presented at the Community Forum at Olympic Middle School July 27, 2017. 

community presentation graphic.PNG

August 2017 Community Update

Our construction projects are continuing to progress through the summer.  Education Specifications  (Ed Specs) for Shelton High School (SHS) and Mt View Elementary (MTV) were completed in July with additional feedback from administration and staff being incorporated into the final Ed Spec Draft.  The School Board of Directors will now review the Ed Specs for approval.  

The underground utility location has been completed for the SHS and MTV as well as other district sites has been completed by Mt. View Locating Services, LLC, a private locate company from Sumner, Washington,  contracted by Agate Land Surveying.  A final report from Agate Land Surveying including drawings to identify the utilities and field conditions is now expected.

The first meeting with the City of Shelton took place on July 19th.  Representatives from KMB Architects and the school district were present.  The initial discussion focused on Shelton High School and Mt. View Elementary, the two projects that will require land use hearings, site plan reviews, Special Use Permit (SUP), and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) determination.   Subsequent meetings will take place every other Wednesday afternoon with four-hour reviews of the plans scheduled at the end of the Schematic Design phase and again at the end of Design Development.  

The Package "C" projects include the replacement of two boilers at Bordeaux Elementary and the cooling tower units at CHOICE High School and Oakland Bay Junior High will be bid as a single package, which is anticipated to be advertised the last two weeks in September. The District prefers the work on these systems to be completed over the winter break to assure no disruptions to staff and students.   The first phase of the work will include the boiler replacements, followed by the replacements of the cooling towers. 

In addition to the heating and cooling system work, a coordination meeting remains to be scheduled with the Principals of CHOICE and Evergreen to discuss the plans for the portables on site. 

The first community meeting was held on the 27th of July in the Olympic Middle School Commons.  More than 50 community members had the opportunity to meet the architecture team, receive a detailed status update and ask questions.  More meetings are being scheduled to continue to keep the community abreast of construction activities.  The complete presentation can be found at the link above.  

Budget Update August 2017

August 2017 School Board Update

​​comm presentation site addition.PNG

MTV Conceptual site.PNG

Budget Update July 2017

July 2017 School Board Update

June 2017 School Board Update

June 13, 2017

 Jeff Freeney, Project Manager, with KMB Architects delivered a construction progress report to the Shelton School Board of Directors.  In his monthly report, Mr. Freeney detailed the progress made on the Districts voter-approved capital projects.  

Shelton High School

In May staff joined the architect team to tour Tacoma's Wilson High School and Emerald Ridge High School in Puyallup.  The purpose of these visits was to see how teaching is transformed into a 21st-century learning environment.  The primary discussions were based on what teacher time would look like both in and out of the classroom.  The group was able to visualize how space is shared and how learning can transform into a complete experience for students.  

The three-story concept was preferred by the architecture committee as it will allow for more flexible learning spaces for students and will be adaptable to changing needs in the learning environment.

Mt. View Elementary

As the two-story concept continues to evolve for Mt. View Elementary, the Leadership Teams is focusing on what the typical day will look like within the school.  Considerations are being made for both students and teachers, as well as the needs of food service and custodial staff.  Open spaces within the building are being defined assuring the spaces are adaptable to the changing needs of learning for students.   

Geotechnical and hazardous materials reports are expected to be completed in June with Pre-Application plans are expected to be submitted to City of Shelton, for both projects, in July or August of 2017.

The community is invited to be present during the monthly construction updates delivered to the School Board the second Tuesday of each month.  The School Board meets at the Shelton High School Library, beginning at 6 p.m.  


Complete KMB School Board Report June 2017

Budget Update June 2017

Construction Bonds Sold!

Bond Sale Report—Shelton School District No. 309

D.A. Davidson & Co. served as Underwriter on the Shelton School District No. 309 General Obligation Bonds, 2017 (the “Bonds”) on June 7, 2017, to provide funds for construction projects approved by voters in February 2017. The District took advantage of favorable municipal bond market conditions and sold new money bonds for construction projects. The District also sold $8,040,000 of refunding bonds used to refinance the 2006 bonds. The total net savings to the taxpayers will be $780,404, which is an 8% savings. The true interest cost of the new money bonds was 2.89% and the bond tax rate is expected to be $3.52 or lower depending on future assessed value growth.

Municipal Bond Market and Credit Ratings In the past 36 months, the municipal bond market has experienced one of the most volatile periods in recent history. The District approached Moody’s Investors Service for a reaffirmation of its A1 bond rating. The District’s excellent financial management and growing tax base were key elements that contributed to the securing of the District’s bond rating of A1. Such bond rating can be credited with the high number of investors purchasing the Bonds.


Bond Sale Report—Shelton School District No. 309 

Construction Bond Update to School Board May 9, 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017, Project Manager, Jeff Freeney, stood before the Shelton School Board of Directors to deliver his monthly Construction Bond update.  The update included the progress the projects have made today as well as upcoming steps and a current budget.  It is the intent of the Shelton School District, the School Board, and the Project Managers to assure the public that the Construction bond process is completed on budget and on time.

Package "A" Update - Shelton High School

NAC Architecture​ kicked off the Shelton High School project with Educational Specifications (Ed Specs) programming.  They met with Leadership staff at Shelton High School, as well as program faculty and student representatives.  To date, the groups have gathered twice with three additional workshops anticipated in May.  The goal of the meetings is to develop the specific educational objectives to be met within the project.  As the project is developing a theme and vision is forming at Shelton High School.  The vision that is taking shape is a modern 21st Century learning can take place.  The facility plan should allow teachers and students to work together in a non-traditional way, something offers flexibility and is adaptable to future needs.  

It is the objective to create a facility within the allowable budget set forth in the bond passage.  The additional of education space will ultimately serve as a blueprint for future modernizations on the Shelton High School Campus.

In the beginning of May, groups took a field trip to Wilson High School in Tacoma and Emerald Ridge High School in Puyallup to view their facilities and how modern education is achieved in their classrooms.

Package "B" Update - Mt View Elementary

Erickson McGovern Architects​ began the Ed Spec process for Mt View Elementary school by meeting with faculty, food service and custodial staff at the end of March.  Input was compiled and used to shape preliminary floor plan concepts presented to Principal, Dr. Jorge Nelson and the Mt View Leadership Team.  Of the two preliminary floor plans presented initial preference was given to a 2-story design.  

The second round of discussions took place with the faculty and specialists who occupy the Annex Building on the Mt View Campus.  Feedback was gathered and preliminary plans will be presented in the coming weeks.  An additional meeting will be scheduled with Maintenance, Food Service, and Transportation staff shortly.

Leadership teams also took a trip to neighboring Grapeview Elementary and Middle Schools to view their design and use of a flexible, multi-purpose space.  Grapeview utilized a shared space for their gymnasium, commons area, and their stage/music room.

Ed Specs for Mt View is scheduled to be completed and presented to the School Board for approval in June.

Package "C" Update - Other District Projects

Utility identification and locations have been identified for projects in this package, topographical surveys have also been completed along with geotechnical explorations at the Mason County Transportation Co-op.

The completed Geotechnical Reports for all projects is expected to be delivered before the end of May.  Hazardous Materials Surveying is expected to begin on all necessary sites in Mid-May. Additionally, it is anticipated that Pre-Application Permit submissions will be made to the City of Shelton that will include a conceptual plan for each project.  The Mt. View project is anticipated to be submitted to the City of Shelton in June with the Shelton High School project being submitted in late summer.  

May 2017 Budget Report.​

Conceptual Drawings and Planning is Underway

May 5, 2017

Shelton High School - Package A

NAC Architecture is working closely with District Staff, the Shelton High school Principal, and the Shelton High School Ed Specs Advisory Committee comprised of both staff and students at Shelton High School to develop preliminary plans for the classrooms and design at Shelton High School.  After a preliminary Classroom Utilization Study, NAC Architects will develop concept drawings of classrooms based on the Utilization Study results.  

Mountain View Elementary - Package B

Project Architect, Erickson McGovern recently toured the newly built Grapeview school with Mt View Staff to exhibit the proposed combining of  Dining/Commons/Gymnasium/Stage concept within the Mt View project.  Erickson McGovern Architects is currently working on a preliminary conceptual floor plan based on previously agreed upon concepts and square footage.

Miscellaneous Bond Projects -Package C

MSGS Architects continues to review and plan to complete work for the Miscellaneous Bond Projects.  They are currently awaiting results from the Hazardous Materials Surveys that were completed.  The survey was performed on existing buildings scheduled for demolition.  Once the Hazardous Materials results and Geotechnical Soil Analysis are received MSGS Architects will continue the planning necessary to complete this area of the project.  
With work on the High School Track scheduled for the summer of 2018 or 2019 MSGS will also begin work on a Track/Stadium Feasibility and Planning Study.

Reconfiguration Planning 

Each school is currently forming Reconfiguration Committees, under the direction of Principals, these committees will begin to define the Scope of Work in their buildings in preparation for the Grade Reconfiguration that will occur the  Fall of 2019.   Careful and detailed planning will begin in August of 2017 in order to execute a smooth transition into the 2019-20 school year.  This grade reconfiguration will shift our elementary schools to K-4 buildings.  We will have a 5-6 intermediate school located at Olympic Middle School and a 7-8 intermediate school at Oakland Bay Jr High.  With the reconfiguration, Shelton High School will once again become a 9-12 High School.
construction pic may 5 2017.jpg



Each step gets us closer to our goal

April 21, 2017

In order to have a seamless transition with our grade reconfiguration in the Fall of 2019 plans must be made early. This week the  Superintendent’s cabinet met to plan and schedule milestones for the District’s Grade Reconfiguration.   We want to assure that things go smoothly with, what is certain to be, a very detailed transition. This plan will grow and evolve with input from all schools and staff over the coming months.

   Shelton High School

     Several meetings with Package A architects NAC Architecture planning the Ed Specs (Education Specifications) process for Shelton High School.  NAC is currently working on a School Utilization Study, investigating classrooms and other spaces to determine utilization rates to ensure the right number of classrooms are built when the 9th Grade returns to the high school campus.  There was an SHS Ed Specs Kick-Off Meeting with the Principal and a committee of staff and students, outlining the Ed Specs process and their involvement in the process.

Mountain View

      Package B Architect Erickson McGovern continues the Ed Specs process with the staff at Mountain View.  They also are working through staff needs and requests against the available budget.  EMA also has begun site placement analysis of a one or two story school campus.

MTV Conceptual Site Placement Analysis.jpg
Evergreen, Bordeaux, and CHOICE

      Package C Architect, MSGS Architects,  continues to review and plan for work on miscellaneous bond projects. They are currently awaiting survey reports and results of Geotechnical Soil Analysis to begin the first stages of their design.  MSGS is also looking into options for the track at Shelton High School.  They will determine if we can move forward with this project during summer break.

      Survey of school sites is continuing, the geotechnical engineer completed soil borings and test pits around the district.  They will use the data from their observations to create a Geotechnical Soil Analysis (Soils Reports) for use by our Architects and Engineers to ensure the best systems are designed for our soils and all aspects of civil design work, from drainage to building foundations.

     Report to the School Board April 2017

Tuesday April 11, the School board heard from Project Manager Jeff Freeney of KMB Architects. The update included a report on the preliminary work currently underway for each project. 

Architects have been selected for each project and contracts are currently being reviewed prior to final approval.  The contract for KMB Architects received approval From the School Board on Tuesday, KMB will oversee all the building projects in the Shelton School District functioning as Project Manager.  KMB will report to the school board and be present at all future meetings with the various architecture firms involved; as well as meet with the District Leadership team.  KMB will be responsible for reporting on the process, progress and budget.  Contracts for Erickson McGovern and MSGS Architects are in review.  The fee schedule for NAC Architecture, the architect for Shelton High School, will arrive this week.  Once received a formal contract will follow.

Jeff Freeney, from KMB Architects, reported at Tuesday’s meeting, consultants are beginning preliminary work in the areas of survey, geotechnical and hazmat. In the coming days the local survey company, Agate Land Surveying will begin work surveying the necessary sites.  GeoEngineers, of Tacoma, will be completing soil samples this week and the fee proposal from Med-Tox NW is in review.  Each proposal received came in within the proposed budget.

March 13, 2017 was the first meeting with faculty and staff to begin the process of establishing theEdSpecs, (Educational Specifications) for the programs needed in the new Mt View building.  This is the first step in the design process.  These discussions will continue in the near future.  Specifications will serve as the basis for preliminary design and floor plan concepts.

The projects at Evergreen, Bordeaux and CHOICE are set to move to the design phase as soon as this preliminary work is complete.  The District Leadership team along with KMB Architects will be meeting weekly with each architecture team.  KMB Architects will continue to provide updates to the school board during the first regularly scheduled board meeting of each month.




Bond Construction Update


April 14, 2017 - The Architects for Packages A, B and C are already hard at work on Programming, which is the first phase of their contract.  The Programming phase is where all of the design planning occurs.  It involves creating the Educational Specifications ("Ed Specs").  The Ed Specs is the design parameters for the school design created from feedback from all the different stakeholders.  This includes students, staff, administration and our community.  Meetings with staff and students will occur for the Mountain View and Shelton High School projects between now and the end of the school year to create the Ed Specs.  Community meetings will be posted on this page when they are scheduled.

Other activities happening include surveying work of sites and geotechnical soil analysis.  The District is using a local Mason County surveying firm, Agate Land Surveying​.  A lot of up front work is needed before we can even begin the next stage of design with our architects.  The next stage, Conceptual Design, will begin over the summer.  This is when the first renderings of building elevations and floor plans will begin.  

On Monday, we will have an update posted with the Board's Monthly Project Summary and Budget.  Stay tuned to this page for updates and to track the exciting developments.  Shelton Proud!  Shelton Now!

NAC Architecture selected for Package A (SHS/OBJH)

NAC Architecture presents to Shelton School Board and Selection CommitteeMarch 28, 2017 - Shelton School Board has selected NAC Architecture to provide the design for Package A (Shelton High School/OBJH).  The Board approved the selection based on recommendations of the Architect Selection Review Committee and thorough checks of references.  NAC is known for providing high quality design focused on 21st century learning environments.  NAC has completed work on difficult High School integration projects similar to Shelton at Oak Harbor, Snohomish and Auburn.  Also they recently completed the new Grapeview School project here in Mason County. 

The District will begin coordinating with NAC Architecture to get them started on contracts and the educational specifications.  Brent Compton, the Project Manager, and Boris Srdar, the Senior Architect, of NAC Architecture were introduced to the community and the school board.  They bring years of high school project experience to Shelton.

Architecture Firms interviewed for Package A (SHS/OBJH)

Rolluda presents 3D model of their Shelton High School ProposalMarch 21, 2017 -  The Architect Selection Committee and the Shelton School Board met at Shelton High School to interview the three finalist architecture firms for Package A.  BCRA, Rolluda Architects and NAC Architecture were interviewed.  Three very different firms took an hour to explain what they can offer Shelton with their vision for Expansion at Shelton High School for Grade Reconfiguration.

After the conclusion of the interviews, the Selection Committee met and reviewed qualifications and interview responses from all three architecture firms.  The committee was able to remove BCRA from the running, focusing on​ Rolluda and NAC.  Reference checks would be used to determine a final selection between the two other firms.

Architecture Firms submit Qualifications for Consideration for Package A (SHS/OBJH)

The Architect Selection Committee scores proposals and short lists three firmsMarch 17, 2017 - ​The Shelton School District received submittals of qualifications from five architecture firms by the deadline on March 17, 2017.  

The Architect Selection Committee reviewed the submittals and narrowed down the list to the three best qualified architecture firms.  BCRA, Rolluda Architects and NAC Architecture were notified that they advanced to interviews.  Interviews for Package A are scheduled for a Special Board Meeting open to the public on Tuesday, March 21st.

Erickson McGovern and MSGS Architects selected for Package B (Mountain View) and Package C (Misc. Projects)

March 14, 2017 - The Shelton School Board approved the hiring of two architect firms that were recommended by the selection committee.  Erickson McGovern Architects of Tacoma was selected for Package B, which includes the new Mountain View Elementary and misc. improvements at Olympic Middle School.  MSGS Architects​ of Olympia was selected for Package C.  Bill Sloane of Shelton is the Principal Architect of MSGS that will oversee their work for the District at Bordeaux, Evergreen, CHOICE and Misc. District buildings.

District staff have begun preliminary meetings with those two firms while we have opened up applications for the third project which is the SHS construction.  The applications for the SHS project close on Friday, March 17th and we are planning on conducting interviews the following week.
We will soon start meetings with the staff to gather input into the educational specifications for the projects.  Future public meetings for community feedback will be scheduled further along in design.  Stay tuned to this page for dates and times.