​​​​School Messenger App Guide​

The SchoolMessenger App allows school​s and school districts to inform you about school-related emergencies, school closures, attendance or other school-related issues.  

As a Teacher you have the ability to invite students, parents and/or guardians to join groups you’ve created, and send chat messages to them directly. 

As a Student, Parent or Guardian you can join a teacher-created group and participate in the classroom discussions. You can also customize how you receive those messages. 

You will find all of these messages in an easily-accessible inbox. If you are associated with students in different schools or districts, all matching records will be linked to your account. With flexible preference controls, most kinds of communication can be configured to be accessed exclusively via the SchoolMessenger App.  

There are two types of SchoolMessenger App Users:  

School-Affiliated User:  This is a teacher, student, or parent who is directly affiliated with a school or district, and who receives various types of SchoolMessenger Broadcast messages from the school or district. This user will have the ability to retrieve all these messages in the SchoolMessenger App, in addition to participating in the groups that general users also have access to. 

General User: This can be anyone who has signed up to use the SchoolMessenger App and has been granted access to one of the discussion groups created by a teacher. They could be a member of the community who has been invited by a teacher (e.g. an aeronautical engineer offering advice and insights to senior high school students interested in the physics of flight and aircraft design).  

Download the App

Log In To log into the SchoolMessenger App: 

1) Click on Log In on the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the login page. 

2) Enter the email address, password, and location you used to register in the SchoolMessenger App. 

Click on "Forgot your password?" to register the App.  An email will be sent to you allowing you to register a new password.  

Set up Your User Account 

Once you have logged in successfully, you must set up the SchoolMessenger App for your use. 

Set up includes the following: 

  • Setting up your Profile and Role 

  • Setting Notification preferences (school-affiliated users only) 

  • Joining Groups that you have been invited by teachers to join 

Your Profile and Role

For all User Types, follow the below steps to set up your User Account: 

1. Click on the menu option with your login name in it. 

2. Click on the Settings option. 

3. Enter your first name, last name, and your Role type (Teacher, Student, or Parent).  

Your settings must be completed before an account can be used. Failure to do so will cause the system to log you out, and you will be prompted to enter this data next time you log in.  

Joining a Group 

Teachers can set up conversation or discussion groups in which students and parents can participate. But before such participation can occur, participants must be invited and provided an access code to join the group. 

Participants can join as many groups as they are invited to participate in. 

To join a group: 

1. Click on the Groups menu option. 

2. Click on Join Group. 

3. In the Join Group window, enter the access code that was provided to you. 

4. Click on Join.

Leaving a Group 

Leaving a group is simple: 

1. Click on the Groups menu option. 

2. Click on Leave Group to the left of the group you wish to leave, and then confirm that you no longer want to be part of the group in the next window.  

Responding to a SchoolMessenger App Message 

Anyone receiving a SchoolMessenger App-based message created by a teacher may read the message, and, if enabled, read the comments of other group members and reply. 

The circumstances are defined by the teacher who created the original message or our support teams. 

Messages may be configured so that: 

  • Comments can be entered and read by everyone

  • Comments can be entered by group members but will be received privately read only by the teacher 

  • No comments are allowed  

Use attachments to send the following file types in your reply: 

  • ​images (PNG, JPG) 

  • documents (PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX) 

  • video (MP4) 

  • audio (MP3, WAV, M4A) 

*Note that the max file size is 20MB and you can only send 1 attachment per message​.