Today’s parents are drowning in emails, group text messages, mobile app alerts, and much more. This communications onslaught may keep even the most organized parents from being engaged with updates from the classroom.   

We are striving to make communications simpler for parents.  We are now using the School Messenger Communications System.  Parents will be receiving email, calls and text messages through the School Messenger Notifications System.  

How It Works

 The SchoolMessenger app gives parents and educators a single place to exchange messages and updates.

 It brings teacher messaging together with the school- and district-level notifications that administrators send with the SchoolMessenger Communicate notification system.

 With the SchoolMessenger app, you no longer need to download yet another group texting or classroom app to engage. 

 Download the SchoolMessenger app today and simplify school communications for everyone in your school community.

Reasons to Use

• Everything in one place - View classroom, school, and district level messages in one simple, scrollable, "stream" view - just as you would on any other app or social media site

• Two-way communication - Exchange messages with individuals one-on-one (i.e. with teachers) or groups (i.e. classes, sports teams, PTO groups) (if supported by your school or district)

• Include attachments with your messages - Exchange files, images, and videos

• Use on mobile or web - Download our mobile app or use in any Web browser

With the SchoolMessenger app, it's easier than ever to stay connected to school and classroom updates. Download it today and see for yourself how it simplifies your life!