Shelton School District: Transition Live Binder



​What is a Live Binder?

A Live Binder ( is an interactive web site that allows professionals (especially teachers!) to create learning portals and organize resources under a single presentation. In essence, this applications compares to taking a physical binder with tabs regarding a single subject. However, Live Binder adds many other features that you can include from your own computer library and from the World Wide Web, such as:

  • ​Uploads (pictures, documents, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, etc.)
  • Web Pages and links
  • Videos
  • Drop Boxes
  • QR Codes
  • Other Binders

How can I use Live Binder?

There are an abundance of Live Binders created on a variety of educational topics that may be applicable to your classroom setting! You can view any presentation through the Live Binder website that is public. However, if it is private, you will not have access to certain presentations.

How do I view the Shelton School District: Transition Live Binder?

This Live Binder will be available through the Shelton School District website through the “Special Services” Department page.  Since it is a private binder, you will have to have the access key in order to view it.

You will not need to have a Live Binder account in order to access it-only if you want to edit and collaborate on the binder.

Click here​ to access the webpage for the Live Binder.

The access key for this Live Binder is: transition*

Can I contribute to the Live Binder if I have other resources I would like to share?

Absolutely! It is the intent in its creation that parents and educators share ideas and resources that could be applicable for one another within the district. However, you must have a Live Binder account in order to edit and share information within this Live Binder.

Once I sign up for a Live Binder account, how can I contribute to this Live Binder?

If you are interested in creating a Live Binder account, on the exit slip provided for you, please place your name and email address and Lauren will be able to include you in the collaborating on the Live Binder.

You can place pictures, videos, web pages, or documents into this Live Binder by creating a tab or sub tab underneath section. On the far right side, there are two links for further assistance in how to use and navigate Live Binder: “Quick Tour” and “Help.”

Can parents contribute as well?

Yes! As already stated, they must have a Live Binder account in order to be allowed to access this binder. Additionally, you must have their email address in order to make them collaborators as well. Here are the instructions:

You can share your binder with another LiveBinders users from the shelf or inside the editor.

From the shelf, click on Options from the mouse over select Share then Assign.

From the editor, click on Share then Assign.

What is the purpose of the Shelton School District: Transition Live Binder?

The purpose of this Live Binder is to present a series of strategies, guidelines, and resources that relate to best transitional practices within special education. The goal, in creating this application, is to reach both teachers and parents by providing them with information in multiple areas of transition, including:

  • ​Post-secondary education
  • Employment
  • Independent living
  • Access to transportation
  • Voting
  • Guardianship
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Interagency collaboration
  • Parent support groups.
For teachers, there are also helpful links on topics such as:

  • ​What to include within transition plans
  • How to write quality post-secondary IEP goals
  • Guidelines to building an effective transition program
  • Types of transition assessments
  • Technology resources
  • Curriculum ideas

All of this is designed for easy accessibility and to encourage strong collaboration between students, families, and educators. 

Letter to Families regarding Transition Services - Live Binder from Lauren Lutz