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Literacy Syllabus                  

Welcome to a new school year!
In this reading and writing class you will have a chance to explore all sorts of amazing forms of literature.  These writers show different ways to tell your own interesting and important stories.  Since each one of you is a writer with stories to tell, you will get to produce tons of your own writing. 
Grading:  It is the goal at OMS that your grade accurately reflects your skill level in relation to the standards for 7th grade.  As a result of this goal, grades are based entirely on the skills taught and assessed in class.  Each targeted skill will receive a scored based on your ability level, which will be converted into an average score for the report card.  
There will be many opportunities for you to acquire and practice new skills before they are assessed, but those practice assignments will not be entered in the grade book.  You will keep a folder in the classroom with all of your daily assignments, and periodically that folder will go home to your parents/guardians with a check list so they can help you stay on track with your daily work.
Homework:  You will have reading homework two days a week and writing homework will be as needed for writing projects.  You need to be reading a choice reading book an average 20 min/day.
Absences:  All assignment sheets can be found in the “Were you absent?” tray in the classroom.  You may ask any clarifying questions before or after school or at lunch.  Some assignments will span several days or even weeks (these are the essays, projects and quizzes talked about above).  For these long-term assignments, the deadline is the same for everyone, even if there is an absence during the time we work on the project.  If you are absent the day it is due, it is due as soon as you come back.
Assignment posting:  Please check the schools’ website (www.sheltonschools.org/olympic/) for weekly assignment posting.  Coming soon in literacy class will be a letter to the teacher to tell all the important details about you, the start of an exciting book from the Joey Pigza series, and a project about inferences!
Behavior Expectations:  We will discuss specific behavior expectations as a class.  In general, I trust that you will be responsible for your actions and behave in ways that help create a positive learning environment for everyone.  We will be using the POWER Standards of OMS and you will be expected to follow all school rules from the handbook.  As a part of our grading system we will be assessing your behavior as a learning habits grade that includes participation, work completion, general behavior, and group work.
I’m glad you are here, and I look forward to working with each of you! 
Elizabeth Johnston
(360) 462- 6671 ext. 14322
Review and sign this syllabus with your parents/guardians. 
Please bring it back to Literacy class so we can keep it in your portfolio.
Student: __________________________________
Parent/Guardian: _____________________   Day contact #: __________________________
Email address (great way for me to keep in touch): ____________________________________


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