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Class Assignments
Week of 9/13/2010
Monday: Factor Towers (finding factors of different numbers)
Tuesday: Hand out Syllabus and Syllabus homework (signed sheet); Basic Factor Trees (homework unless finished in class)
Wednesday: More factor trees, and an introduction/review of exponents(powers), pushing to the goal of prime factorization
Thursday: Prime Factorization and assessment, possibly start new book (Variables and Patterns)
Friday: Investigation 2.1 in Variables and Patterns or short review of investigation 1
Week of 9/21/2010
Monday: Review of coordinate graphing and look over graphing assessment from last week
Tuesday: Correct Prime factor assessment from last friday and introduce the new book
Wednesday: Investigation 1.1 in Accentuate the Negative(positives and negatives)
Thursday: Investigation 1.2/1.3
Friday: Finish up and Assessment on Prime factors again and pre-assess add/subtract/multiply/divide positives and negatives
Week of 9/27/2010
Monday: Investigation 1.3
Tuesday: Investigation 1.4... introduces the chip model for pos/neg. Red chips= Negative values and Black Chips= Positive values. Also, return assessment from Friday if time
Wednesday: Investigation 2.1 (adding integers), homework
Thursday: Review Homework. More adding Investigation 2.2 (Subtracting Integers)
Friday Early Release: Investigation 2.3/2.4 (pos/neg connections and fact families
Week of 10/4/2010
Monday: Investigation 2.2 Subtracting Integers
Tuesday: Finish 2.2 and Start Investigation 2.3/2.4
Wednesday: Algorithm Poster and Adding and Subtracting Integers assessment
Thursday: Investigation 3.1 Multiplying Integers
Friday: No School
Week of 10/11/2010
Monday: Investigation 3.1 - Multiplying integers
Tuesday: Finish Investigation 3.1 and start Investigation 3.2- more multiplying
Wednesday: Investigation 3.3 - Dividing integers and HOMEWORK
Thursday: Quiz on Integers and rational numbers
Friday: Integer product game or "whats the story?" task 
Week of 10/18/2010
Monday: Start Investigation 3.1 in the new book(writing equations)
Tuesday: Finish Investigation 3.1
Wednesday: Start Investigation 3.2(more equations) and HOMEWORK
Thursday: Finish Investigation 3.2 and start Investigation 3.3(using equations)
Friday: Review Homework and Finish Investigation 3.3
Week of 10/25/2010 (Conference Week)
Week of 11/1/2010
Monday: Fishy Task (comparing tables, graphs, equations)
Tuesday: Go over Fishy Task and Start Investigation 2.3 (Looking at what equations are written for)
Wednesday(Sub): Go over 2.3 and start 3.1 (Solving equations by using tables and graphs) and Homework
Thursday(Sub): Continue work on 3.1
Friday(Sub): Start Investigation 3.2, the coins and pouches visual for solving equations.
Week of 11/8/2010
Monday: Review behavior from the sub, work on graphing linear equations
Tuesday: Practice equations/graphs/tables
Wednesday: Investigation 3.2, coins and pouches visual for solving equations, Homework
Thursday: No School, Veterans Day
Friday: Return Homework and Assessment
Week of 11/15/2010
Monday: Catch-up day: go over work from last week, students get caught up on tests, review homework from Friday
Tuesday: Return Assessments from Friday; Start Investigation 3.3 (going from coins and pouches to equations)
Wednesday: Finish Investigation 3.3 and Start Solving 2-step linear equations
Thursday: More Equations
Friday-early release: More equation work
Week of 11/22/2010
Monday: Progress Reports Go Home (Due after break)
Tuesday: Assessment
Wednseday: 1/2 day Harvest Hoopla
Week of 11/29/2010
Monday: Progress Reports (due Thursday) and review for Unit Assessment
Tuesday: Unit Assessment
Wednesday: Benchmark Assessment
Thursday: Starting a new unit Finish benchmark
Friday: Harvest Hoopla Early Release
Week of 12/6/2010
Monday: Start Investigation 1.1 in new book: Stretching and Shrinking. The unit is about similar shapes and the effect multiplication has on similar shapes. Also Homework, due Wednesday
Tuesday: Start Inv 1.2, the rubber band method for enlarging shapes
Wednesday: EasyCBM Test in the Library
Thursday: Finish up Inv. 1.2, and possibly start Inv 1.3 which involves identifying corresponding sides and angles of similar shapes
Friday: Early Release, Finish Inv 1.3 Pre Assessment
Week of 12/13/2010
Monday: Investigation 1.3, which is looking at what effect percents have on changing the size of a figure
Tuesday: Investigation 2.1, a group task involving coordinate graphing and rules to change the shape and size of figures
Wednesday: Finish Inv. 2.1
Thursday: Investigation 2.2, more altering of figures using rules, this time showing the effect of adding and subtracting as opposed to multiplying
Friday: Finish Inv. 2.2
Weeks of 12/20 and 12/27: Winter Break
Week of 1/3/2011
Monday: Review of the week before break
Tuesday: Investigation 2.3 on scale factor (how many times larger the sides of a figure are compared to a similar shape)
Wednesday: Finish going over Investigation 2.3, and begin work on their homework (due friday)
Thursday: The second assessment on similarity and scale
Friday Early Release: Extreme games are rescheduled for today, the rest of the classes will be doing review work.
Week of 1/10/2011
Monday: Investigation 3.1, using pattern blocks to look at the relationship between scale factor and side lengths, perimeter, and area of similar shapes.
Tuesday: Investigation 3.3, Investigating similar shapes, and finding missing side lenghts and missing angles; return tests from last thursday
Wednesday: Investigation 4.1 and homework (due Friday)
Thursday: Investigation 4.2
Friday: Investigation 4.3 Homework due
Week of 1/17/2011
Monday: No School - MLK Jr. Day
Tuesday: EASYCBM Testing in the library
Wednesday: Investigation 4.2 (more practice using ratios to find similar shapes) and Homework... due friday
Thursday: Investigation 4.3 (using ratios and scale factor to find missing side lengths in similar shapes)
Friday Early release: Unit assessment and homework due
Week of 1/24/2011
Monday: Investigation 1.1 in the new book Comparing and Scaling. This book focuses on ratios, how to write ratios and scale them up and down. It also covers unit rates as well as solving proportions.
Tuesday: Investigation 1.2 (Comparing ratios from written problems)
Wednesday: Return tests from Friday and notifying students of their Semester Grades. Investigation 1.3 (introduction on scaling ratios) Homework Due Friday
Thursday: Investigation 2.1 (comparing ratios)
Friday: Semester Over. Homework Due. Investigation 2.2
Week of 1/31/2011
Monday: My Fair Share group task. (comparing ratios)
Tuesday: Wrap up My Fair Share group task
Wednesday: Investigation 2.3 (Starting to scale ratios up and down) Homework assigned... due Friday
Thursday: Investigation 3.1 (looking at rates, and scaling rates) Went over 2.3 as a class
Friday Early Release: 1st Assessment of new unit and Homework Due


Week of 2/7/2011

Monday: Investigation 3.1 (looking at rates, and scaling rates)

Tuesday: Investigation 3.2 (More rates) Skill practice homework

Wednesday: Investigation 3.3 (Unit rates)

Thursday: Finish Investigation 3.3, Extra practice homework

Friday: Investigation 3.4 (Calculating unit rates, and deciding wich division is correct)

Week of 2/14/2011

Monday: Investigation 4.1 (Proportions) Homework Assigned due Wednesday

Tuesday: Finish 4.1

Wednesday: 2nd Unit Rate/Proportion Assessment and Homework Due

Thursday: Skateland Reward - Proportions practice

Friday: No School- Mid Winter Break

Week of 2/21/2011

Monday: No School- Mid Winter Break

Tuesday: Taught Cross-multiplication method for solving proportions and Investigation 4.2(more proportional practice)

Wednesday: Word Problems Pre-test, Review 4.2 and start 4.3(more proportion practice with decimals) Homework Assigned

Thursday: Finish Inv 4.3

Friday: Early release- Shadow Method

Week of 2/28/2011

Monday: Review of proportions and work from last week possibly start Inv. 4.3(more proportions practice)

Tuesday: Inv. 4.3

Wednesday: Shadow Method (using proportions to fins missing heights)

Thursday: Imbedded Triangles

Friday: Finding the slope of a line

Week of 3/7/2011

Monday (Sub): Slope Practice

Tuesday (Sub): Review Packet

Wednesday (Sub): Benchmark Test

Thursday: Finsih Benchmark and Mirror Method

Friday: No School

Week of 3/14/2011

Monday: Intro to 3D geometry, PI Day

Tuesday: 3rd attempt for Proportions Test

Wednesday: Investigation 3.1(Volume of Boxes) in the new book, Filling and Wrapping Pre-test on volume and surface area

Thursday: Volume versus Surface area of Prisms

Friday Early Release: Catch-up

Week of 3/21/2011

Monday: Volume of Cylinders (notes and practice) Homework assigned, due Wednesday

Tuesday: Surface area of Cylinders (notes and practice)

Wednesday - Conferences - Homework Due, Real applications with cylinders. Homework assigned, due Friday

Thursday - Conferences - Real applications continued

Friday - 1/2 day - Wrap-up real applications and/or volume of cones and pyramids

Week of 3/28/2011

Monday: Practice volume of a cylinder

Tuesday: Volume of cones and pyramids

Wednesday: Practice Geometry

Thursday: Geometry Assessment

Friday: 1/2 day

Week of 4/4/2011


Week of 4/11/2011

Monday: Started a new unit on probability. Investigation 1.1 Reviewing experimental probability. Also, test retakes on Friday!!!

Tuesday: Finish up Inv. 1.1 and start 1.2 Reviewing Theoretical probability and tree diagrams for multiple outcomes

Wednesday: Finish 1.2, and start 1.3 the product game (more theoretical and experimental probability. Homework assigned due Friday

Thursday: Inv. 2.1 Using an area model for theoretical probability Finish 1.3

Friday Early Release: Test Retakes and Homework Due

Week of 4/18/2011

Monday SUB: Probability worksheet

Tuesday: Guided note sheet on sample space for probability, compare organized list, tree diagram, and area model

Wednesday: MSP Demo in the Library, Probability Practice Homework Due Friday

Thursday: Mystery Spinner Activity

Friday: Assessment on probability, Homework due

Week of 4/25/2011

Monday: Investigation 2.1- Practicing finding the Mean(average) and the numbers needed to make a certain mean(average) Homework assigned to be due Tuesday

Tuesday: Homework due, Investigation 2.2- more mean

Wednesday: 3rd Benchmark Assessment

Thursday: Investigation 2.3 Median

Friday: Investigation 2.4 Mode

Week of 5/2/2011

Monday: Wrap up Mean

Tuesday: Median, Mode, and Stem and Leaf Plots practice

Wednesday: 2nd Probability Assessment and 1st Data Assessment

Thursday: Writing MSP

Friday: Converting measurements. For example: feet to inches, inches to yards, yards to miles

Week of 5/9/2011

Monday: Metric Conversions

Tuesday: Percentage review and practice

Wednesday: More percents

Thursday: Savings and discounts

Friday: Word problems involving proportions

Week of 5/16/2011

Monday: Writing MSP Day 2

Tuesday: Word Problems

Wednesday: Word problems

Thursday: equations and graphing review

Friday: 3rd Period Math MSP

Week of 5/23/2011

Monday: 5th Period Math MSP

Tuesday: MSP Review

Wednesday: 4th Period MSP

Thursday: Rating graphs

Friday: Experimental Probability

Week of 5/30/2011

Monday: Memorial Day- No School

Tuesday: Introduction to Histograms

Wednesday: 1/2 day schedule for Good Timber, finish Tuesday work

Thursday: Making Historgrams

Friday: Retake Tests and finish histograms

Week of 6/6/2011


Tuesday: Literacy Team to Flight Museum, History of flight lesson


Thursday: EASYCBM all classes 

Friday: SUB

Week of 6/13/2011


Tuesday: Math/Science Team to Flight Museum




Week of 6/20/2011



Wednesday: Wild Waves

Thursday: Towering Teamwork part 2

Friday: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!

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