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Math Class Syllabus
7th Grade Math Syllabus , 2010-11 School Year - Mrs. Long, Mr. Adams & Mr. Parnell
            Welcome to an exciting year in 7th grade math at Olympic Middle School!            
Your mission this year is to continue your journey towards becoming a Mathematician!  To help you reach this goal, your 7th grade Teachers will do all we can, but we need your cooperation as learners.  Please study and understand our expectations for students:
Ø                  Come to class prepared to learn.  You are a learner, so have a good attitude and convince yourself you’re going to enjoy Math this year. Attend class every day and bring your Math Tools with you, including your binder, paper, and pencils (no pens).  Every day you will fill in your calendar so that you and your parents know what is happening.
Ø                  Pay attention in class. We’re all responsible for our classroom learning climate. If we’re off task, talking when we shouldn’t be talking, out of our seats, etc., we are being DISRUPTIVE to the learning process. None of us have the right to interfere with the learning, safety or well-being of others.  We must help each other to learn instead.  This shows respect to yourself, your peers and staff.
Ø                  Ask Questions!  This is important for letting your teachers know how to help you.  There are no “silly” or “stupid” questions in our classrooms. We may laugh at silly things that are said but we won’t laugh at people who are trying to learn. We all have the right to ask reasonable questions and get them answered.  This demonstrates your ability to take ownership of your own education.
Ø                  Actively participate in mathematics in school and at home! Our expectation is that you will be an active member of your group in class by contributing ideas and listening to others.  We will work out the problems we are doing together in class but you must complete homework on your own to be sure that you’ve learned the skills as an individual.   Turn in all assignments on time with no excuses.  Quite simply, not completing assigned work is not an option. Give it your best effort and you will do fine! You will have frequent opportunities to improve your work when you are not satisfied.  Homework will be assigned 2-3 times a week to provide practice outside the classroom. (Posted on district website: sheltonschools.org)
Ø                  You must seek help when you are confused at Olympic Middle School.   Your teachers are available before school starts and after school.  We will watch you closely but it is also your responsibility to tell us when you need help.  If you are not completing your homework, or are really struggling with it, we’re going to GIVE YOU EXTRA HELP because everyone can learn math!  Math Academy is available to students to need additional help on a daily basis.  Talk to us!  Mistakes are opportunities to learn but failure is not acceptable.  Please help us to help you!
Ø                  Practice Mathematical Thinking.  Mathematical thinkers do things that show their understanding of the mathematics. This includes: writing out answers to questions using complete sentences; showing all the work, including calculations; labeling math work so that it is clear; writing/printing neatly so that people can read their work, and explaining the reasoning behind answers. Remember that in our math classes the answer is not enough!  Your teacher needs to know how you are thinking when solving problems.

Ø                  Grades.  Your job as a student must be to learn and apply the mathematics being taught so that your teachers can measure and report your success.  Your grades will be based on achievement during the quarter on assessments (tests) so you’d better complete all math assignments for the best practice!  You will also receive learning habit scores on your report car that show how well you participate and work in a group as well as how often you complete assignments and ….
Ø                  Tests/Quizzes. We also call these “assessments”. Just as homework must be turned in, tests/quizzes must be taken, even if you were absent. Please see your teacher to arrange a make-up test/quiz if you are absent.  Keep in mind that assessments are designed to ensure that you understand what is being learned and find what you still need to work on.   You are expected to study and retake tests when you don’t meet standard.  Your teachers will help you with this.  We just want you to be successful and sometimes it takes a little more practice.  Take pride in your accomplishments as your grades rise!
Ø                  Curriculum:  OMS is teaching from CMP2 (Connected Mathematics Project 2).  This curriculum works well to teach students to solve problems by investigating mathematical situations in groups of four.  Our school scores show us that grouping helps even the most advanced student progress more.  To save money for the district, we did not purchase student texts to take home but we will print homework as needed. 
Parent Request!  You are your child’s first and most important teacher!! There are likely to be times that the math homework seems confusing.  Don’t panic!  We don’t expect you to understand all of the details of how we teach math these days.  Just tell your child to talk to the teacher in the morning before class.  However, NEVER, give your child the impression that he/she can’t be successful in math, even if it was a difficult subject for you!  When adults express frustration by saying, “I was never any good at math”, the child often interprets that to mean that he/she can’t be expected to learn math either if Mom or Dad could do it.  Math skills aren’t inherited, they are learned.  Math is indeed taught differently these days, making it more difficult for parents to help with, but the methods are much improved and will help students remember concepts much longer.
      You have an open invitation to contact your child’s teacher at school with any questions or concerns.  Please participate in your child’s education by coming to school.  A child’s family is a major part of the educational team so we can’t do this without you!  Be involved, talk to your child about what is being learned.
To contact us, use email for quickest response:  Mrs. Long, jmorehead@sheltonschools.org; Mr. Adams, radams@sheltonschools.org, and Mr. Parnell, mparnell@sheltonschools.org .   You may also call Olympic Middle School :  (360) 462-6671.
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