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Art Syllabus
Olympic Middle School
Teacher: Diane Garner
462-6671 ext.14302
Welcome to Art class! I am excited you are here to explore all different kinds of art with me this year. This syllabus tells you about a few things you might want to know about art class. Please share this with your parents, have them sign it, and return the last page to me the next time we meet.
Projects: We will be exploring all different kinds of art this year. Some of the assignments will be teacher directed, other times you will be allowed to make up your own projects at our Studio Centers. A few of the topics we hope to cover are:
Color mixing
Digital art
Fiber arts
Handbuilding with clay
Poster contests
Supplies: Because of the increasing cost of supplies, we are now charging a $3 annual fee for art classes. Fees should be paid at the office window beofre school, at lunch or after school.
You will need to bring a pencil with you every day. I have the supplies you need to do most projects. If you want to bring in some of your own supplies, that's fine.
Because we are on a tight budget, we always appreciate donations of art supplies.
Some of the things we can always use are:
cardboard tubes
colored pencils
Crayola-type markers
embroidery floss
fabric scraps
scrapbooking supplies
wrapping paper scraps
any crafting supplies you are no longer using.
Boxes of Kleenex are always appreciated.
Please leave permanent markers at home. Students at OMS are not allowed to have them in their possession. If a student requires a permanent marker for a project they are available for checkout from the teacher.

ART Rules
1.Respect other artists
@  Say only positive things about people and their artwork.
@  Don't interrupt the creative process
2.  Respect the art supplies
@  Take care of the supplies and make them last - we are on a tight budget!
3. Respect the room
@  Clean up your own mess, then help somebody else with theirs.
@  Leave the furniture, sinks and floor looking even better than you found them.
@  Nobody leaves until the whole room is clean.
Art Seals: You can earn an academic seal in art class by keeping your art grade average at 3.0 or better.
Scoring and Grades
You will earn two scores on your report card from art class. One will be based on projects and your daily art log; the other will be based on your learning habits. A sample of a daily art log is below. Learning habits includes your behavior and participation.
Name of Activity
What Element of Art or Principle of Design did you use? Describe
What did you learn from this project?
Teacher's note
Sept. 17
I used color when I painted with blue, green and purple.
I learned that when you mix blue and green you get turquoise.
You will self-evaluate all the projects you turn in. A self-evaluation will look like this:
Artist Self-Evaluation
Name: __________________________
Date: ___________________________
Artist group:_____________________
What media did you use? (art supplies and technique)
What elements of art and/or principles of design did you use? _____________________________________________________________________
Artist's statement: What does this project mean to you?  What do you like best about it? What would you do differently next time? What will you do with it now that you are finished?
(You may continue on the back if you need more space)
How do you think you did?
Teacher's score
Project goes beyond expectations
Project meets learning standard
Project approaches learning standard
Project needs help to meet standard
Project not complete or needs revision
Extra credit:
To meet the standards in art class, you must complete all the projects and art logs as assigned. I would love all of you to create arts and crafts at home too, but I can't count them as part of your standards grade. 
Art Syllabus
Teacher: Diane Garner
462-6671 ext.14302
Please read this syllabus, then sign this paper, and have an adult at home sign it and return it the next time you come to class. This is your first assignment in art class.
I have read the syllabus and now I know all about art class.
Student name: _____________________________
Artist group: _______________________________
Advisory teacher: ___________________________
Student signature: __________________________________________
Parent or guardian signature: _________________________________
Please use this space to write any questions, comments or concerns you want me to know about. Also include the best way I can contact you.



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