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Performance Goals:  Fitness Assessments*
          Score                    Description
             4                         Performance goes beyond expectations
             3                         Performance meets standards
             2                         Performance approaches standards
             1                         Performance is below standards
             0                         Performance does not show effort
Learning Habits:  Participation, class readiness and group interactions
         Score                     Description
            4                          Exceeds expectations
            3                          Meets expectations
            2                          Approaches expectations
            1                          Below expectations
            0                          Does not work toward expectations        
*Fitness Assessments provide feedback regarding a students overall fitness status and/or physiological response to physical effort.  
Absence and Non-suit Make-up Policy:  Students, on their own, may participate in 30 minutes of intense physical activity in order to make up an absence or non-suit. Bring a note signed by your parent describing the type of activity and duration of time spent participating in the activity. The student will be given a score of ‘3’ for activities made up at home.  Students will have two weeks to make-up an absence or non-suit.
Medical Excuses:  All excuses from home must be written and signed by parent/legal guardian.  Students requiring more than a week of medical release must present a Doctor’s note.  All students are required to dress down for class, only students with a Doctor’s note specifically stating no class participation, will be excused from dressing down.  Students who dress down for class, but do little or no participation will need to do a make-up activity at home for the participation points they lost.
Non-suit Progression Policy: (See “Absence and Non-suit Make-up Policy”)
1st Non-suit:  Warning by the teacher.
2nd Non-suit:  One hour of after school detention;   a phone call home by the teacher.       
3rd Non-suit:  Two hours of after school detention.  Letter mailed home.  A phone call
                      home by the student.   
4th through 10th Non-suits:  Office referral.  Three hours of after school detention.
11 or more Non-suits:  Office referral.  Students may be suspended for defiance.

Classroom Behavior and Expectations

1.        Be on time to class.
2.        Dress down daily, blue shirt and black shorts. Gym shoes are required.
3.        You are responsible for securing your own possessions. Put everything in your locker, lock it and DO NOT tell any one your combination.  Only locks provided by the school are allowed on the  locker.  Fitness locks must stay in the locker room.
4.        After dressing, wait in the locker room to be excused, and then report directly to roll call. Do not touch equipment that may be out.
5.        Class participation is essential, as fitness education is an activity class.
6.        Leave the gym or locker room only when a teacher excuses you.
7.        No jewelry is to be worn during class.
8.        Gym shoes must be tied tight.  Loose shoes can cause injury to yourself and others.
9.        No sagging of gym shorts.  Shorts must be worn at the waist.

Safety and Supervision

1.        An adult must supervise students using Fitness facilities.
2.        Students are not to enter the storage rooms without permission.
3.        When the bleachers are closed, stay off of them.
4.        Absolutely no beverages, gum, or food in the gym or lockerooms. You will be told to put them in the garbage can, as these items destroy our gym floors.
5.        No backpacks allowed in the gym. Backpacks found in the gym will be placed in the school lost and found. 
6.        When class ends, all equipment is to be put away immediately and safely
    In the past, some students have exhibited behaviors that are extreme safety concerns or had the potential to destroy property. Such behaviors will cause the student to be removed from class immediately, and referred to a school administrator. Examples might be; hanging from or grabbing the rim or net of a basketball hoop, fighting, climbing closed bleachers, throwing unsafe objects or any other behaviors deemed unsafe.
Glossary of Fitness Education Terms
The following terms are provided to create better communication between teachers, students and parents.
Fitness Clothes: A blue Tee shirt, black shorts and athletic tennis shoes.  Fitness clothes are required for hygiene purposes as well as for freedom of movement and safety during class activities.  Students must change from school clothes to Fitness clothing.
Tardy: Not being in the gym at the end of the four minute passing time or not being seated in the assigned roll call spot following the five minute dress down time.
Full Participation: Being an active participant in assigned activities during the entire class period.
Truancy: Not coming to class or leaving class early without being dismissed by a teacher.
Olympic Middle School offers two performance seals in Fitness Education:
  • Survivor Seal can be earned by students that meet standards for specific activities.
  • Fitness Education Seals are earned by students that meet attendance and participation requirements. 
Class 2 Syllabus
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​​The Shelton School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following employee has been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Linda Arnold, Director of Human Resources. 360-426-1687. 700 S. 1st Street; Shelton, WA 98584. Complaint procedure can be found on this website under Board Policy #3210 (students) and #5010 (employees).