Today's Events

SHS Game Theory Club mtgs 2017-18

Time: 2:30 PM

Location: SHS Sub (building 1000)

OMS 21st Century Grant after school prog

Time: 2:30 PM

Location: OMS Commons

SHS Football meeting 2018

Time: 2:30 PM

Location: SHS Minidome


Differentiated Instruction Training 2017-18

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: SHS Library

OMS/OBJ Track -

Time: 3:30 PM

Location: SHS Highclimber Track

21st Century Grant afterschool program

Time: 3:30 PM

Location: Evergreen Gymnasium

Featured News

Map of Shelton High School Parking lot revisions and bus traffic

Traffic Revisions at Shelton High school

Posted: 5/21/2018

Beginning this week, there are big changes regarding the student parking lot and student pick-up and drop-off at Shelton High School. Parents will not be allowed to pull in to the parking lot due to the new bus lane. Student pick-up and/or drop-off can be in 2 locations only: The Huff and Puff parking lot or cautiously along Shelton Springs Road. THESE ARE THE ONLY 2 PLACES THAT ARE ALLOWED. Fencing will be installed Monday, May 21 in the construction area restricting both foot and automobile traffic on campus. Thank you for your support and patience during the construction process.

Message to Parents about '13 Reasons Why' Season 2

Posted: 5/21/2018

With the release of Season 2 of the Netflix series '13 Reasons Why' we have provided resources to assist families who wish to have conversations about suicide and mental health.

Childcare and Daily On-Time Attendance

Posted: 5/21/2018

The Shelton School District is seeking feedback from families to help us identify challenges to daily on-time attendance. We are inviting families to participate in a brief four-question survey to help us gather information. Thank you for taking the time to assist us.

Summer School registration going on now

Summer School Deadline Approaching

Posted: 5/17/2018

Summer School registration deadline is quickly approaching. If your child is eligible for summer school and you would like them to attend please return your registration form to your school before the deadline on June 1 for elementary and middle school students.

Shelton High School "S" logo with axe

Head Football Coach Named for Shelton High School

Posted: 5/14/2018

We are pleased to announce that Mike Speaks has accepted the position of Head Football Coach for the Shelton Highclimbers for the 2018 season. Understanding the need to jump right into season preparations, Coach Speaks will be naming his coaching staff, addressing equipment needs, and plans for football camp in the coming days and weeks. In addition, the coaching staff will begin to make plans for facility space during the bond construction process.

Shelton High School Logo "S" with an Axe

Minidome To Be Closed This Summer

Posted: 4/19/2018

As part of our Bond Projects, the SHS Minidome will be closed from June 19- August 12 in order to replace the Mondo Flooring. Thank you for your patience and understanding as our construction projects are underway. You can find more construction updates under our Construction Tab.

Shelton School District Logo

Last Day Of School

Posted: 4/17/2018

Due to the Weather-Related cancellation on February 21, we will need to extend the school year by 1 day. The Final day of school for the 2017-18 School Year will be Monday, June 18, 2018. Students will attend for 90 minutes.

Traffic Revision Map for Shelton High School

Traffic Revisions Coming To Shelton High School

Posted: 4/10/2018

With construction on the horizon at Shelton High School, you will begin to see changes on the Shelton High School Campus as early as May 15th. Traffic revisions will begin as fencing is put into place around our construction zone. We understand this will be an inconvenience for parents, students, and community members and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Shelton Pool Logo

Shelton Pool is Scheduled for Locker Room Updates June 25 - August 3, 2018

Posted: 3/28/2018

With the passage of the Bond in February of 2017, the Pool Facility at Shelton High School will be closed for a period of time during the summer of 2018 to allow for locker room updates. Closure dates have been determined. The pool will be closed beginning June 25 and continue until August 3. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we update our locker room facilities.

monthly calendar

Academic Calendars Are Now Available

Posted: 2/15/2018

Academic Calendars for the coming school years 2018-19 and 2019-20 are now available.

Countdown to Graduation 2018

Posted: 1/3/2018

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Additional News

Class of 2018 Dates to Remember

Posted: 1/8/2018

Don't forget any important dates leading up to graduation. Find the complete list of important dates to remember here.