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​​​​​​​​​​​​Water Aerobics:  Students $4.00, Adults $4.50, and Seniors $2.50

Monday & Wednesday


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            Together Everyone Achieves More                      JANUARY 2019

Pool Phone #        426-4240


Aerobic Schedule

Instructor: Susan Turner

Mondays  & Wednesdays

Pool closures

January 21


Brain Booster-Drink Up!  Dehydration can drain your mind and mood.

Feeling out of sorts but not sure why? You might be dehydrated. Two new studies found even mild dehydration comes with consequences, altered mood, impaired memory, trouble concentrating, fatigue, headaches, anxiety. While the reasons for these systems are unclear, researchers at the University of Connecticut Human Performance Laboratory noted that dehydration causes changes in electrolyte balances in the blood as well as serotonin levels in the brain, which can affect memory and mood. How to tell if you're hydrated? Check the color of your urine. “Anything darker than a pale, straw hue means you need to drink more," says study author Lawrence Armstrong, Ph.D.

Benefits Of Water Aerobics

Provides Buoyancy & Support
One of the major benefits of water aerobics is that it provides buoyancy and support for the body, making it less likely for the muscle, bone and joint to get injured. Water supports o 80% of your weight, thereby causing less strain on the joints, back and torso, when compared to exercises performed on land.

Quick Muscular Endurance
The high density of water, as compared to air, leads to increased resistance, thereby augmenting muscular endurance and tone. This means that water aerobics builds-up toned and endured muscle mass all around the body. Also, one tends to get quicker results exercising in the water, than on land.

Improved Flexibility
The reduced effect of gravitational force in water leads to improved flexibility in the body. The joints can be easily moved through a wider range of motion, which makes water aerobics all the more beneficial as we age. Since there is no joint pain caused, you can perform the exercise without any kind of anxiety.

Improve Cardiovascular Conditioning
Water aerobics exercises prove to be extremely beneficial in terms of cardiovascular conditioning. In such an exercise, the heart rate is maintained at a lower rate, when compared to cycling or running. The heart seems to work better when you indulge in water aerobics.




Helps Keep Cool
The 'cool' quotient cannot be ruled out when we talk about the benefits of water aerobics. It is refreshing activity and lifts up the mood instantly. It keeps the body temperature constant throughout the exercise. Also, water keeps you cool and comfortable, even when the mercury is rising.


Burn Calories
We all know that exercising is the best way to get rid of those bulging fats and ever-increasing waistlines. However, do you know that water aerobics are more effective, as compared to land exercises? The former leads to a loss of about 450 to 700 calories per hour. So, if you want to shed those extra kilos, water aerobics can be extremely useful.








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