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Shelton High School Sports Medicine I and II Program


Instructor: Ms. Oney M.S.

360-426-4471 Ext. 16927

Course length: 1 year



Text Book:  Sports Medicine Essentials; Jim Clover Med, ATC, PTA

Journal/newspaper/peer reviewed articles


Course Description

This course provides an opportunity for the study and application of the components of sports medicine including but not limited to: sports medicine related careers, organizational and administrative considerations, prevention of athletic injuries, recognition, evaluation, and immediate care of athletic injuries, rehabilitation and management skills, taping and wrapping techniques, first aid/CPR/AED, emergency procedures, nutrition, sports psychology, human anatomy and physiology, therapeutic modalities, and therapeutic exercise.


Course Goals

Ø  Students will gain general knowledge of athletic training and careers within the medical field.

Ø  Students will be able to demonstrate how to prevent, manage, and treat basic athletic injuries.

Ø  Students will be prepared to follow a path for an entry level career in the medical field or go onto a college/university medical oriented program.


Course Requirements

Ø  Participate in daily class activities and lectures.

Ø  7th hour will complete 40 hours of athletic training experience, which may include: staying after school in the training room, working athletic games/events, or other athletic activities.

Ø  Complete TWO 4 hour internship/observations.

Ø  Complete CTE competencies to earn 2 college credits.


Along with CTE standards we will utilize:

Content Area Reading

*Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text.

*Read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently.


Content Area Writing

*Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose and audience.

*Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details and well-structured event sequences.

 *Write routinely over extended time frames (time for reflection and revision) and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a day or two) for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes, and audiences. 


Supplies - All supplies will be furnished by the school district’s career & technical education program funds, except regular school supplies. Students need to come prepared to class, each day, with;

·         Paper

·         Pen/pencil

·         Separate 3 ring binder that is to stay in the classroom

·         Shorts and T-shirt for lab days

·         Khaki pants and dress shoes (black or brown), and a collared shirt for internship experience

·         7th hour students will have a sports medicine polo they must wear during internship (I provide)


Rules and Expectations

Climber Power Rules:


Respect of Property              Keep classrooms clean and neat, and promote a safe environment.

Respect of Authority             Show respect, follow directions at all times, manage attitudes, time

and behavior. 

Respect for Others                Show courtesy and tolerance: respect differences and make

                                                other people welcome, create an environment where all can learn.

Respect for Self                     TRY your best to be successful and reach your full potential, complete your own work unless it is a group project or problem.

Electronic Devices                 SHS cell phone policy will be strictly enforced.  Musical devices may be used on a limited basis at the discretion of the teacher.  ASK FIRST


Students not choosing to follow these rules will be dealt with according to the SHS discipline rubric in the   Student Handbook.





ü  It is imperative that a student attends class regularly in order to meet course objectives and CTE requirements. Examples of in-class assignments may include: early work, graded discussions, laboratory activities, group presentations etc. Student will be removed from class due to excessive absences.

ü  Make-up work for absences including school related must be made up within the following timeline. One-day absence = two days to turn in work, five day absence = ten days to turn in work.

ü  Credit cannot be earned for coursework missed due to unexcused absences. Students must have absences resolved within the 48-hour limit or the absence will be considered unexcused.  As a means of instilling values of responsibility and personal accountability, a student whose absence is not excused shall experience consequences of his/her absence. A student’s grade shall be affected if a graded activity or assignment occurs during the period of time when the student is absent.

ü  It is the students responsibility to present an admit slip to the teacher when returning from an absence.  It will be considered a tardy if the student needs to leave class to get an admit slip.


1.      Make-up Work from an Excused Absence

-          It is the students’ responsibility to obtain make-up work from fellow peers and then consult the teacher with questions.

-          Projects and presentations due on the day absent must be made up/turned in the day of return.

Tardy Policy

ü  Tardiness is defined as late arrival to class during the first (10) minutes of the class period.

ü  Students have the responsibility to arrive to class and be in their assigned seats ON TIME.  

ü  Students tardy consequences: Sign In For All Tardies

1st & 2nd- Verbal Warning, Referral Form filled out

3rd and Beyond - After School Detention

ü  Most instruction and announcements are made at the beginning of the class period and will not be repeated for the sake of one student. BE ON TIME!!!

ü  SHS Tardy Policy will be enforced

Hall Passes

ü  Students need to have permission from the teacher and the Shelton High School hall pass to leave the classroom.

ü  Only one student can leave the class at a time.

ü  Abuse of hall pass will result in loss of privileges.

ü  Unless it is an emergency, make sure it is an appropriate time to leave the class.

ü  Students without a pass will be returned to class and/or disciplined.


Grading Criteria

In Class                                                                      Out of class (Internship)

Application Exercise (Do Now)  10%                            Behavior                  25%

Test and Quizzes                          35%                            Write-ups                30%

Written Work and Projects          35%                            Internship Hours     45%

Labs                                             20%


Clinical Skills and Performances

During class time students will be expected to demonstrate skills taught throughout the course. Labs consist of learning and practicing injury assessment and wrapping technique, first aid/CPR, rehabilitation techniques, and fitness testing and evaluation.                       



There will be locations that you are permitted to complete your observation, but you are welcome to ask other locations that interest you. If you are in 7th hour you must find 2 different locations to do your clinical. Second year sports medicine students will be responsible for doing 180 hours. This is required since it is a 2 credit course. There is after school time required to fulfill the 2 credits.

Safety Expectations

1.      Always maintain a safe condition for yourself and others.

2.      Horseplay or throwing of things in class will not be tolerated.

3.      Do not deface, disassemble or damage any furniture, equipment, or tools.

4.      Report any damage or unsafe condition to the teacher.

5.      Ask permission before entering private or restricted areas such as teacher offices and storage areas.

6.      Obtain permission before taking equipment, materials, projects or supplies from any classroom.

7.      Return all equipment and materials to their correct storage areas and clean the area you worked in each day, and then help clean the rest of the lab.  Keep the area neat.

8.      Pay attention when instructions or demonstrations are being given.  Ask if you are not sure.

9.      Obtain permission from the teacher before checking out of class or leaving your assigned work area during class.



Important Note

This is a college level course and as such in order to be allowed to stay in the class you must maintain a C-(70%) or higher. This course is designed to prepare students for real job opportunities.


It is now time to make the commitment for your success in this class. Experience has shown me that those who get off to a good start have a much easier time succeeding. I would be happy to discuss any section of this with you.


To pass this course you and a parent/guardian must sign this course syllabus. By signing below, you are agreeing to all of the requirements outlined in the syllabus and agreeing to follow all safety procedures related to the Sports Medicine Program. If you feel you can accomplish these guidelines, please sign below. I look forward to getting to know all of you and having a successful semester!!!




Signature Page

I have read and understand the course requirements for Shelton High School’s Sports Medicine I II Program.  Please fill out the below information, sign, and return the signature page to Ms. Oney.  Thank you!


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Questions, Comments, Concerns?




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