​​Install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Any computer managed by the the Shelton School can easily install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.  Follow these instructions to either install it, or see if you have it installed.

  1. Open the application "Software Center".
    • ​​​Click on the Start Menu.
    • Search for "Software Center".
    • Open "Software Center".
  2. In Software Center, click on "Applications" on the left.
  3. Select Adobe - Acrobat DC.
    • SoftwareCenterApplications.png

  4. Click on Install.
    • If you already have it installed, you will see "Status: Installed" like in the image below.
    • If you can install it, click on the blue "Install" button.  In the image below, it is titled "Reinstall".
    • I had an error durring installation and needed to close outlook before I could install Adobe - Acrobat DC.