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2020-21 School Year Q & A 

We recognize that there are many questions about returning to school in a blended model and we are working hard to provide answers. We will keep this page updated as we receive additional questions and answers.
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Updated 2/12/21

The Returning to School video says grades 7-12 need to bring their Chromebooks to and from home and School. What if the student has been using their personal Chromebook? Will the school provide them with a district Chromebook?
Yes. Each building will have a supply of Chromebooks. Please work with your building administrator to sign-out one out.

Will kindergarten students have help to get their attestation form out of their backpack when they get to school to do their check-in?
Parents can put attestation forms in their student’s backpack. School staff will help remind students to pull them out when they arrive at school.

Will there be mask types that are not allowed?
Masks can be cloth or disposable with ear loops that cover their nose and mouth completely. Gators are not allowed. Face shields alone, without a mask, are also not accepted.

Are vented masks allowed?
Vented masks are not allowed, as they only provide one-way protection. They protect the wearer, but the vent dispels unfiltered breath.

What type of face coverings are going to be provided by the district?
Students should bring their own face coverings, but schools will provide masks to students who forget them. The district has disposable masks available at each building and on buses for those who forget them. The safest thing a parent can do is to get a three-layer cloth mask that fits well to their child's face other than relying on the universal size masks that the district has available.

If the COVID cases are below 200/100K for the next two weeks, is there a possibility that 9-12 grades could go back before 2/22?
No. We cannot open the high school until Mason County stays below the 200/100k threshold. The sooner we meet that threshold the better, but the district plans to maintain the scheduled 3/15 start for high school.

Would the high school have to go back to virtual learning if cases spike over 200/100k while we are in the blended model?
If it is above 200 for a long, sustained period, then yes, it is possible, but we are trying to keep students in school once we open. Returning to 100% online will be based on how safe we can keep everyone and the trends of COVID in our community.

In the blended model, on the days learning at home
, will there be any online instruction?
Generally, there will not be any live lessons on the asynchronous days. Online only students who are continuing remote will still have a teacher delivering live lessons as they do currently. There may also be small group instruction for some students. 

Do elementary students need to bring their Chromebooks to class?
No. Elementary students will NOT be bringing their Chromebooks to school.

Do secondary students need to bring their Chromebooks to class?
Yes. Secondary students will need to bring their Chromebooks to school.

Will teachers have back-up Chromebooks available if students forget to bring them?
Yes. We will have back-up Chromebooks in the event students need them, but we are expecting secondary students to bring the ones they have checked out.

How many face-to-face hours each week will SHS students get per period?
SHS in-person students will have 3 classes per day on the days they attend. 1, 2, and 3 on Monday (Group A) and Thursday (Group B). 4, 5, and Advisory on Tuesday (Group A), Friday (Group B). Students will receive the required instructional minutes. The in-person days are from 7:45 AM-11:50 AM.

Will the bell schedule be different than it is now for SHS? Will the students be changing classrooms?
The SHS bell schedule will be the same as it is now, in a block format. Group A will attend in person Monday and Tuesday, Group B Thursday and Friday. Students will be changing classes, but cleaning protocols will be followed.

SHS is an open campus. How will we ensure that each student is screened in? Will there be a bracelet or a visual indicator?
Students who pass the screening will be given a colored ticket. The color changes randomly every day. When arriving for the first class of day, student will have to show the colored ticket or go back to screening. Tickets will go directly in the waste bin after the teacher sees and acknowledges them.

What will occur if a student fails the screening process and a parent/guardian is unable to pick them up?
We will have health isolation rooms at each school monitored by designated staff. For students who cannot be picked up, they will be held in isolation with staff support until we can reach a parent/guardian. Isolated students will not be circulating with other students or staff. We need parent/guardian help by keeping sick students at home, and if contacted, have someone available to pick them up quickly.

What will breaks and recesses look like for our children?
For the elementary schools, we will be scheduling recess for our students where they have specific areas to play in with their class. We do not mix classes and students. There will be many different activities and classes will rotate through these areas.

How many students will be in a classroom?
Each room has a different occupancy. Tables/desks will be set up 6+ feet apart side-to-side and back-to-front. Most regular sized classrooms have a max of 12-15 students, but some may only hold five students.

How strict is the 6-feet of physical distancing during screenings and in the passing times?
Incidental passing in hallways and screenings will occur. This is considered low risk and is acceptable by OSPI, DOH, L&I. Transference requires more than incidental exposure, and the Health Department is most concerned about exposures of 15 minutes or longer.

Do parents of kindergartners and elementary students need to stick around when dropping their students off, or can they leave before the screening?
Younger students will be provided daily attestation questionnaire forms that parents/guardians will need to fill out and send with their students every day. If students have their forms, they can be sent on the bus or dropped off without staying. However, it is preferred that parents wait for their student to be screened.

Are the thermometers being used in our district infrared?
Yes, the temperature scanning kiosks combine infrared thermal technology with environmental sensors to get high accuracy readings.

Will teachers who are teaching face-to-face be required to use their sick leave if they must quarantine due to travel out of state? Or will they be allowed to teach virtually during the quarantine period?
The District provides quarantine pay that does not come from the employee’s sick or vacation allotments when they are asked to quarantine due to exposure. The District is currently evaluating whether it will continue to pay employees who choose to travel out of state.

What happens when teachers need to quarantine due to a COVID exposure? Will teachers have to use their own sick time while quarantined? What if they get COVID and cannot teach? Will they still be paid?
Staff who can work from home and are well enough to do those functions should do so during quarantine. Staff who are asked to quarantine due to exposure and cannot work from home or are too ill to work from home are paid quarantine pay without using their own sick or vacation allotments.

What plans are in place if there is a significant number of staff members unable to teach due to illness or quarantine?
Unfortunately, COVID and winter flu season present real challenges to having staff available to teach. The district will continue to have teachers instruct remotely if they have COVID symptoms, such as a fever. Additionally, substitutes will be used to provide support for face-to-face instruction. Beyond this, if there is not enough staff to cover a class or grade level, there may be a need to revert to online instruction until staff can return.

Can you clear up rumors about schools not being able to reopen because of teachers and vaccinations?
We are hoping that our teachers can be vaccinated prior to returning to school, but at this point, we are moving forward with plans to re-open our schools in the blended model.

How will we know if teachers & staff are vaccinated? How many are vaccinated now? Are you able to share this info? Why/why not?
We cannot release health records of staff for privacy reasons. This includes information on vaccinations. 

How will teachers respect families uncomfortable with their student appearing in a recording?
Teachers will be recording lessons, not necessarily students.

Will SSD be transparent with parents when a class at a specific school is exposed?
In the instance where someone tests positive for COVID and was in the classroom or working with students/staff after they were initially exposed, staff and families will be notified of the exposure and the recommendations from the Health Department.

In the event a parent/guardian knowingly sends their student to school displaying COVID symptoms and their teachers are exposed, is the school or parent legally at fault?
This is a question best answered by the district’s attorneys. However, we do not believe that parents could be held legally responsible for sending their child to school with COVID symptoms.

Are high school students going to be wiping down desks and computers or will teachers preform this task?
In the instance where students change classrooms, they will be asked to wipe down any equipment they touched and their desktop. Teachers will be asked to wipe down their desks in cases where another teacher is coming into their classroom the next period.

When we move into Stage B (blended model), will families be on the same A/B schedule?

The district is making every attempt to schedule families together in the proposed blended model.

How do you login to your K12 account?
Check out this short video created by Evan, one of our own high school students!

Will we provide meals for children?
Yes. Please visit our Meal Services webpage for more information.

Who can I contact for questions?

BDX: Principal, Hannah Hoff -
EVG: Principal, Amber Targus -
MTV: Principal, Mary Johnson -
OMS: Principal, Chelsea Cornwall-Brady -
OBJH: Principal, Mario Juves -
SHS: Principal, Bruce Kipper -
CHOICE: Principal, Stacey Anderson -
Cedar HS: Principal, Stacey Anderson -
Executive Director of Instructional Programs PK-12: Maryann Marshall - 
Special Education: Jenny LaFranier -
Curriculum & Instruction: Kelly Neely -
Athletics: Trevor Leopold - or Mark Smith -

Para asistencia en Español por favor contacte a su enlace familiar de su escuela.
BDX: Wendy Lankelis - (360) 545-7310
EVG: Lucrecia Hernandez - (360) 463-4393
MTV: Ivette Salamanca - (360) 545-7136
OMS: Cleiry Zacarias - (360) 280-3539
OBJH: Maria Vazquez Soto - (360) 545-2189
CHOICE/Cedar: Betty Uriostegui - (360) 490-1235
SHS: Bill Hutchinson - (360) 463-3530
Servicios para Migrantes: Gabriela Garcia - (360) 490-8316

  • 700 S. First St., Shelton, WA 98584
  • p: 360-426-1687
  • f: 360-427-8610

The Shelton School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following employee has been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Linda Arnold, Executive Director of Human Resources. 360-426-1687. 700 S. 1st Street; Shelton, WA 98584. Complaint procedure can be found on this website under Board Policy #3210 (students) and #5010 (employees).

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