Shelton's Chapter Three: Mitigation Planning Process

Chapter Three: Mitigation Planning Process





The Shelton School District’s mitigation planning process began in September 2014. The district’s mitigation plan is consistent with and draws extensively from the Washington State K–12 Facilities Hazard Mitigation Plan. However, the Shelton School District’s Hazard Mitigation Plan has an in-depth focus on the district, its facilities, and its people, and includes more district-specific content, including district-specific hazard and risk assessments and mitigation priorities.



3.2 Mitigation Planning Team


The mitigation planning team was led by: Bob Woods, Facilities Director, Shelton School District.  During this process, Bob Woods retired in 2016 and the conclusion of this plan completed by Robert Herron, Director of Facilities Management & Construction.


The planning team included the following members:

·         Susan Bray, Head Custodian

·         Maxine Giles, Head Custodian

·         John Bryz-Gornia, Asst. Principal

·         Donna Morris, Asst. Principal

·         Jim Judson, Athletic Director

·         Curt Simmons, Maintenance Foreman

·         Mark Brown, Custodial Foreman

·         Deanna Johnson, M&O Secretary



The mitigation planning team’s roles and responsibilities were defined as follows:

·         Participate actively in planning team meetings,

·         Provide local perspectives re: natural hazards and the threats they pose to the district’s facilities and people.

·         Help to identify existing plans, studies, reports, and technical information for inclusion or reference in the mitigation plan. 

·         Forge consensus on mitigation action items and their priorities.

·         Help to facilitate the public outreach actions during the mitigation planning process, and

·         Provide review comments on draft materials during development of the Shelton School District Hazard Mitigation Plan.




3.3 Mitigation Planning Team Meetings


Mitigation planning team meetings are documented below with dates and brief summaries. Meeting agendas, attendees, and minutes for the planning team meetings are provided as an Appendix at the end of this chapter.


Mitigation Planning Kick-Off Meeting September 29, 2014  

Present:  Bob Woods, Sue Bray, Maxine Giles, John Bryz-Gornia, Jim Judson, Donna Morris 


Discussed overview of the mitigation planning process, FEMA’s requirements and a preliminary assessment of the hazards posing threats to the District’s facilities, based on data compiled for the statewide OSPI K-12 Facilities Hazard Mitigation Plan.   

Additional meetings were held on October 29, 2014 and June 19, 2015. 



3.4 Public Involvement in the Mitigation Planning Process 


The District took robust efforts to involve the public and stakeholders throughout the mitigation planning process, including the following actions:


3.4 Public Involvement in the Mitigation Planning Process


The district took robust efforts to involve the public and stakeholders throughout the mitigation planning process, including the following actions:




The District announced the initiation of the mitigation planning via:

·         Posting a notice on the district’s website,

·         Distributing the notice via e-mail to a wide audience of stakeholders,


            Public Meetings

Public meetings were announced via the modes listed above and held on the following dates:

·         Posted via District Website

·         School Board Meeting – August 8, 2017
Discussed in summary the Hazard Mitigation Plan and its purpose.  Received feedback from interested stakeholders.  Request motion from School Board to adopt Hazard Mitigation Plan to submit to OSPI and FEMA.



            Review and Comment on Mitigation Plan Drafts


Mitigation plan drafts were posted on the district’s website for review. Notices of the district’s requests for comments being solicited from all interested parties were made via the District Website and invitation for comment in School Board Meeting of August 8, 2017.


Key inputs received during the review and comment periods included the following:  Insert a list of any significant comments that were received during the review period. If no substantive comments were received, delete this item from your mitigation plan.

·         Comment 1

·         Comment 2

·         Comment 3

·         …..



3.5 Review and Incorporation of Existing Plans, Studies, Reports, and Technical Information.


The Shelton  School District’s Hazard Mitigation Plan drew heavily on the content of the Washington State K–12 Facilities Hazard Mitigation Plan and the Pre-Disaster Mitigation parts of the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s ICOS (Inventory and Condition of Schools) database. ICOS includes a comprehensive database of school facility information, including condition assessments, remodeling and modernization, and other data bearing on school facilities.


The Pre-Disaster Mitigation part of ICOS was invaluable in providing GIS data for campus locations and for automating the processing and interpretation of technical data relating to natural hazards and the risks that arise from these hazards to the district’s facilities and people.


ICOS is an actively maintained database that will be periodically updated, including hazard and risk data. Thus, the strong linkage between ICOS and the district’s mitigation planning will keep the mitigation plan “alive” and current and will be especially helpful during the 5-year updates.


The Shelton School District recently hired a Safety/Security Director.  This is a new position and the Director is reviewing and providing new procedures and processes.  The Safety/Security Director will develop comprehensive and detailed hazard studies that will be used to take our emergency preparedness further.  This document will be revised accordingly in the future as changes are made to District plans.


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